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Closest seaside resort to Paris, Dieppe will catch you in its whirlwinds. As soon as you set foot in the town, you will be drawn by the call of the sea. Here, the sea is everywhere and everything links to the sea. Just look at the vast seafront lawns nestled in between two cliffs, or the town’s four bustling ports. If countless painters have fallen under Dieppe’s spell over the centuries, it is because of its ever-changing skies and seascapes. If numerous writers spent time in Dieppe, it is because of the unique atmosphere that characterises the town. Take a walk along the quaysides immortalised by Turner or Pissaro, stroll the famous Saturday morning market which was recently crowned the 8th most beautiful of its kind in the whole country, venture up to the old castle overlooking the rooftops or explore the narrow lanes of Le Pollet before making your way up to the Bonsecours Chapel, built in 1876 in memory of sailors lost at sea. You’ll discover a town unlike any other, which has managed to stay remarkably simple and delightfully unpretentious and whose heart beats all year round, thanks to a rich and varied economy and numerous cultural activities. A town turned towards the sea but surrounded by lush green countryside, where you can explore charming coastal villages.